Test the Tablet Card account

Test the Tablet Card account

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Startup  OFFER


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TabletCard is one of the leading digital menu for wine and food.

TabletCard consists of
two software components:

  • The web-based account
  • The TabletCard APP in your tablet

This concept offers safety and reliability through a long-standing well-coordinated team with extensive experience and expertise in the following areas:

  • IT concept
  • Screen and webdesign
  • Computer science
  • Programming of applications
  • Marketing

You will receive an account with your personal access data in order to add your texts, pictures or videos to the pre-programmed menu. You don't require any expertise. A briefing of 15 to 20 minutes will be sufficient.

For this purpose, we will install the TabletCard APP on any tablet to transfer the data created on your computer via WIFI to the tablet.

Das große online Wein- und Genießer-Journal für alle, die Gutes und gute Weine suchen!

Weinjournal • Weinführer • Gourmet • Reisen • Lifestyle

Tabletcard app

    practical advantages:
  • no programming knowledge required
  • any number of languages
  • very fast creation of individual menus
  • possibility of immediate changes of food and drinks
  • an effective advertising medium (for example for seminars or meetings)
  • generate additional revenue through offers for events
  • almost unlimited freedom of design

  • financial advantages:
  • only one-off costs
  • no "hidden costs"
  • low entry costs
  • any time freely and inexpensively expandable

Button/ slider/ header navigation

Individual screen design

2 language modules

Automatic translation in any language

2 finger zoom

Integrate product photos/videos

Enter actions

Pop up menu with
What computer skills do I need FOR TABLETCARD?

Basically, anyone who can access his mails on the computer and answer or operate a simple word processing program, paste the text and image data of beverages and food in the perfectly prepared system.

In a 30-minute briefing, we'll show you how to easily create, modify and supplement data.

Of course, our telephone support is available if required.

Tabletcard app

TabletCard basic equipment:
  • navigation positions selectable
  • individual screen design
  • 2 language modules basic
  • navigation as text or graphic
  • activate or deactivate price addition
  • integrate product photos
  • create information pages
  • enter actions
  • subnavigation as text or graphic
  • picture or video on home page
  • integrate videos
  • 2 finger zoom
  • individual booklet

give your guests a treat while they are still at their room

The program TabletCard RoomService gives you this possibility. Inform your guests via a tablet that is installed on the wall or exposed with a safety rope about the rules of the house with all the usual information. You are incredibly flexible with texts, images or videos. Add current events or recommend biking and hiking trails, if you want you can use the navigation QR code - this will distinguish you considerably from your competitors.

Another big advantage is your wine and food menu on the tablet. Your hotel guests can enjoy their lunch or dinner menu in the room. The tablet will then send the data with special wishes to the front desk - table reservation, number of persons, request for a special seat etc. You can define the number and sequence of the special wishes. The data will be sent in a CSV file and can thus be imported into your accounting software.



with touch

without touch

Have your wine and food menu in the entrance area of your restaurant. The TabletCard APP is installed on the 27” presentation terminal. This way the data on your terminal will be the same as on your tablet.

The TabletCard system also offers large-scale monitors. You can choose between indoor and outdoor monitors. The modern and innovative way of presenting offers.

Our experienced team will be on hand to advise you.



The TabletCard concept is perfectly coordinated. Present your wine and food menu on your web page with the same look and the same functions just as on your tablet in the restaurant. A TabletCard account is a prerequisite.

Data maintenance is amazingly simple. You can create the data of your wine and food menu in your TabletCard account.


What is great about TabletCard ONLINE is that if you have a supplement or modification to be applied on your TabletCard account the changes will be projected on your home page at the same time. You don't have to spend twice the time to update the data.

Your guests may choose from the food and beverages on your website. This coordinated system is only offered by TabletCard.


We will take care of everything for you:

We will create a "link code” from the TabletCard APP with your food and beverage data that either your programmer or our programmers will integrate in the navigation button "Menu" on your website. Ready.

We will provide you with stickers containing the QR code of your web page. With the QR code your guests can access the menu via smartphone.

Give your guests a treat when they are still at home.

Features OF Tabletcard online

Data transfer from TabletCard

Automatic translation in any language

Time savings

Same look as on your tablet

About TabletCard PRINT

TabletCard PRINT is a dynamic online program that allows you to create, change, add to, and print your restaurant card yourself. They are incredibly flexible in design and textual information. With TabletCard PRINT you save time and money.


Design any event with a unique character using an appropriate graphic design of the card.
TabletCard PRINT is an on-line program for Print menus. You only need a web access.
The format is DIN A4.

You can choose between prefabricated background templates and inserting your own background. Simply import your restaurant logo. Select the font of the headings and choose the text in the respective colour. Check the result occasionally with one click via the preview. The program is easy to use and dynamic so that you do not need any training.

If you still have questions, we will always be available for you. You can find a short manual as a PDF file in your Print account.


Save the card that you have created on your PC. This way you can access the file at any time. You can easily add more food or beverages or modify the entire design.


You can print the data from the TabletCard PRINT program using any standard printer. Paper represents a huge optical value. You should not accept any compromises concerning the paper.

Recommendation: Find small printers locally. Have them show you sample papers. There you will also get a small amount of paper.

Alle Vorteile auf einen Blick:

Very easy to operate

Individual design

Automatic translation in any language

Short-term modifications possible

Support via phone

One-off costs
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